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(Note: If you'd prefer a more PG version of the game, go here: http://gamejolt.com/games/jackhop/275403)

A retro-style 2D RPG that is sure to please. Jack Hoth: TLJ brings you the graphical style of SNES classics with modern upgrades, challenging turn based strategic combat, a big world to explore, and a classic RPG plot done in a very unique way. All wrapped up with more comedy than you can shake a rubber chicken at.

Come for the laughs. Stay for the story and challenge!

JH: TLJ seeks to draw on many aspects of classic RPGs both to parody them, and give you the gameplay you love. While not trying to be exactly like any other game(s). It's a game of layers. A loving homage and parody of classic RPGs. An exploration of the mind. A psychological experiment. An attempt to make you pee yourself laughing. A personal journey. A game that in some ways, is about its self.


  1. Something you can sink your teeth into. Final playtest run took over 20 hours to complete.
  2. A huge amount of comedy. Most people should get plenty of laughs.
  3. Turn-Based combat focused on character skills. Spamming basic attacks just wont work past the first area. You have to figure out skill combos, and find ways to crowd control enemies while you set them up.
  4. A hilarious world to explore. Full of characters to meet, side quests to complete and enemies to beat.
  5. Segue... Hundreds of enemy encounters with unique dialog. With over 200 enemies, random battles for many encounters, and music that changes often, battles are always bringing something new.
  6. Six Characters, each with their own unique set of skills. Including a Wizzard who can buy new spells at the Magick Shop. Spec him out with the spells you actually want to use!

Player Quotes:
"This game was a delightful (though at times mildly unsettling) adventure!"

" I think my favorite thing had to be walking around and looking at the scenery, the banter between the PCs and the various running gags!"

"This looks awesome, omg I can't rave on it enough!"

"Please upload the soundtrack, would love to listen to the music while I am working!"

Note: Game does include adult humor, but only verbal.


1.2.0 - 
Added a framerate plugin, because that's a thing.
Changed the tutorial joke, because apparently no one got it.
Added Battlebacks, even though I don't like the things, so Driftwood wont cry.
Added additional reminder to equip gear at start of game, because apparently being told to do it once, wasn't good enough for some people.

1.1.2 - 
Fixed a few more typos and bugs found by Eremaea.
Note: At the start of the game and it gives you the "choice" to do the tutorial or not, and wont let you skip it, that isn't a bug. It's a reference/parody of games that force you to do a tutorial.

1.1.1 - 
Fixed a few typos. 
Fixed reported graphics bug found by Eremaea.

1.1.0 - 
Initial Release of game.


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