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A twisted foray into RPG gaming. Comedy. Tragedy. Light. Dark...


Imagine Kubrick got together with Mel Brooks, Hunter S Thompson, HP Lovecraft and Deadpool to make a parody/satire of classic RPGs, and you're in the vicinity of what this game is like.

F***face is hanging out in his room after a party with friends. He's at a convention in Las Vegas. All of a sudden a stranger pops into his room and kidnaps him away to a fantasy world in the far flung future!

F***face has no choice but to do what the stranger wants. Carry out a quest to save a princess and the kingdom. The stranger will bring friends to help him out along the way, but it's a long, dangerous journey through the worst parts of the Kingdom, both to sneak them in, and preparing F***face and his party for what waits at the palace.


  • Lots of layers and nuances. The story works in several layers and can be interpreted several ways.
  • Plenty of satire and parody of classic RPG games.
  • Tons of jokes. Much of it is wordplay based, but there's a ton of referential humor, puns, dirty jokes, offensive jokes, meta jokes, etc. Pretty much the entire gamut of humor (at least that can be conveyed with this kind of game) is used.
  • Tons of things to explore and uncover. A lot of the best conversations and jokes happen when you investigate things in the environment.
  • There are 9 areas in the game. Each with it's own theme. Not just the standard grass, forest, desert, etc... themes either. Each one has a referential theme, like cartoons or a genre of music. Some even have a third theme based around common jokes in that area.
  • Lots of enemies to fight. And every single one has something different to say.
  • Lots of odd people to meet along the way.
  • An Original Soundtrack.

Twists and turns around every corner, and plenty of things are dangerous.

If the name wasn't enough of a clue, this isn't a game for the easily offended.


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